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Information for Library Users

Borrower information

The members of the UP System may use the library resources subject to the rules and regulations governing their use. Please familiarize yourself with the Library Rules and Regulations >

Users are required to present their duly validated ID cards when entering the Library and checking out any Library material.

Library Registration

Library users must first register in the library to avail library services and privileges, those who fails to settle his/her previous Library accounts will not be: (a) allowed to register; (b) permitted to use the Library; and (c) issued a library clearance.

To Register, fill-out the Library Registration Form and submit it to the Library Registration Desk together with your UP Identification Card and proof of enrollment (Form 5) for the current semester/Summer.

As a proof of your being registered with the Library, your ID validation sticker will be countersigned by authorized librarian.

Library Notices

Communication with our users will normally be via email, this is often the quickest and most flexible way for us to contact you. Courtesy notices are sent via email. While the Library will make every effort to contact you, we cannot confirm or guarantee delivery of notices. Notices are a courtesy and non-receipt does not exempt the borrower from overdue fines or charges.

Your safety and security

To ensure your safety and security whilst in the library it is your responsibility to follow University health and safety procedures.

To ensure your own security and that of your belongings, you should:

  • Label your own property and valuables and keep them with you at all times
  • Unattended bags will be considered a security risk and may be removed
  • Be vigilant and report anybody acting suspiciously
  • Ensure that you pack up your belongings and leave the service area before closing time.
  • Familiarize yourself with escape routes and, in the event of an emergency, follow any instructions given to you by staff.

Antisocial behavior

We ask you to treat Library staff and fellow users with respect and courtesy. The university will not tolerate antisocial behavior, this includes:

  • demeaning, abusive, indecent or offensive language or comments
  • shouting and / or use of aggressive or inappropriate gestures
  • threatening behavior
  • verbal or physical harassment
  • comments that discriminate on the basis of sex, race or any other irrelevant distinction

Such behavior will result in an immediate ban from the library premises and will be referred to the Dean.


  • Silence must be observed in all areas of the library.
  • Conversations must be kept at as low a level as possible.
  • Help to maintain the all areas of the library an environment conducive for study.
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