VPN means Virtual Private Network. It is a connection method that creates a secure "tunnel" across the Internet between you and your office, a VPN provider, or your home.

When you connect to your office or home (considered a private network) via VPN, it is as if you're actually located in it. Thus, the term "virtual" in the term.

VPN is also used by people very conscious about their online security, particularly when they are using a public computer or are connected to a non-secure wireless network.

VPNVPN is particularly essential to UPM Manila for the following reasons:

  1. Some web sites or web-based information systems local to UP Manila are only accessible from within UP Manila via its private network.

  2. Online publications (used by faculty members and students) recognize only computers connected to the Internet from within UP Manila via its private network.

The IMS administers the VPN service. Any queries about the VPN service must be sent to the IMS Network Team via email address ims.netops@post.upm.edu.ph.

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