Section 2. Basic Standards Section 6. Appropriate Use
Section 3. Definitions Section 7. Tolerated Use
Section 4. Scope And Applicability Section 8. Enforcement Procedures
Section 5. General Responsibilities Section 9. Waiver

Section 1. Policy Statement

  1. Computers and networks are powerful technologies for accessing and distributing information and knowledge. They are strategic technologies for the current and future needs of the UP SYSTEM.
  2. For now, computing facilities and network infrastructure are a costly resource and thus must be used solely for teaching, learning, research, and other officially-sanctioned activities. Also, since these technologies allow individuals to access and copy information from remote sources, users must respect the rights of others, particularly to their privacy and intellectual property. There is therefore a need for rules and regulations to ensure equitable, secure and reliable access to these resources. The following regulations will govern the use of computing facilities, networks and other Information Technology (IT) resources of the University of the Philippines System.
  3. These regulations aim to:
    1. ensure an information infrastructure that promotes the basic missions of the UP SYSTEM in teaching, learning and research;
    2. protect the integrity, reliability, availability, confidentiality and efficiency of the IT resources of the UP SYSTEM;
    3. establish processes for addressing policy violations and providing sanctions for violators;
    4. emphasize that the UP SYSTEM shall not be liable for any damages incurred from the use of IT resources and for any claims and suits arising from the unauthorized and irresponsible use of the same;
    5. warn users that use of IT resources for partisan political activities as defined in relevant rules and regulations of the Civil Service Commission or the University of the Philippines, or for any unauthorized commercial purposes is prohibited; and
    6. notify users of the existence of this Policy.


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