Section 1: Policy Statement Section 6. Appropriate Use
Section 2. Basic Standards Section 7. Tolerated Use
Section 4. Scope And Applicability Section 8. Enforcement Procedures
Section 5. General Responsibilities Section 9. Waiver

Section 3. Definitions

  1. Agreement Form means document in which the user undertakes to comply with this Policy. The form may be electronic.
  2. Confidential information means data or information which on its face is not intended for unrestricted dissemination. Examples include student records, examination archives, proprietary technical information, disciplinary case records, administrative records, and the like.
  3. Document when used in this Policy shall refer both to the paper and its electronic format.
  4. Information Technology System or IT System includes computers, terminals, printers, networks, modem banks, online and offline storage media and related equipment, and software, databases and other data files that are owned, managed, or maintained by any unit of the University of the Philippines.
    For purposes of this Policy, any other equipment, computer unit or external network, when attached to, or used to access and/or interact with any component of, the IT System may also be considered part of the IT System.
  5. Private files means information that a user would reasonably regard as private. Examples include the contents of electronic mail boxes, private file storage areas of individual users, and information stored in other areas that are not public, even if no measure has been taken to protect such information.
  6. System and Network Administrator means a person designated to manage the particular system assigned to her/him, to oversee the day-to-day operation of the system, or to preliminarily determine who is permitted access to particular facilities and resources of the IT System, whether hired on a temporary, contractual or permanent basis.
  7. UP SYSTEM means the University of the Philippines System and all its constituent units.
  8. User means any person, whether authorized or not, who makes any use of the IT System or any of its components by any means or from any location.


Section 2. Basic Standards TOC Section 4. Scope And Applicability