Section 1: Policy Statement Section 6. Appropriate Use
Section 2. Basic Standards Section 7. Tolerated Use
Section 3. Definitions Section 8. Enforcement Procedures
Section 5. General Responsibilities Section 9. Waiver

Section 4. Scope And Applicability

a. General Coverage.

  1. This Policy applies to all facilities within the IT System and all its users.
  2. All users should be aware of these regulations, and should realize that when using the computers within the UP SYSTEM, they are bound by these regulations. Users may be required to sign a form agreeing to comply with this Policy. However, failure to sign the agreement form will not release users from coverage of this Policy.

b. Local and External Conditions of Use.

  1. Individual units within the UP SYSTEM may define additional "conditions of use" for components of the ITSystem under their control.
  2. These conditions must be consistent with this overall policy but may provide additional detail, guidelines, restrictions, and/or enforcement mechanisms. These units will be responsible for publishing the regulations they establish and their policies concerning the authorized and appropriate use of the equipment for which they are responsible. Copies of these policies should be given to the President, Vice-President for Development, the Intellectual Property Office and the Office of Legal Services.
  3. Where use of external networks is involved, policies governing such use will be applicable and must be adhered to.


Section 3. Definitions TOC Section 5. General Responsibilities