Section 1: Policy Statement Section 5. General Responsibilities
Section 2. Basic Standards Section 6. Appropriate Use
Section 3. Definitions Section 7. Tolerated Use
Section 4. Scope And Applicability Section 9. Waiver

Section 8. Enforcement Procedures

  1. Monitoring. The UP SYSTEM or its constituent universities may monitor all use of the IT System at all times as may be necessary for its proper management. Activities on the IT System may be automatically and/or continuously logged. System and network administrators may examine these logs anytime. All logs shall be considered confidential.

  2. Access to Private Files. The UP SYSTEM may access all aspects of the IT System, including private files, without the consent of the user, in the following instances:

  3. Reporting Problems and misuse. Users must report to the appropriate system administrators any defects discovered in system accounting or system security, all known or suspected abuse or misuse of the IT System, and especially any damage to or problems with their facilities or files.

  4. User Cooperation. Users, when requested, are expected to cooperate with UP SYSTEM in any investigation of IT system abuse.

  5. Guidelines for Immediate Action.

  6. Investigation. The investigation and prosecution of academic and administrative personnel and students shall be in accordance with the regulations of the UP SYSTEM. The investigating committee, body or tribunal must have at least one member knowledgeable about IT. The actions the proper officer may undertake include but are not limited to the following:

  7. Filing of Criminal Charges. In cases where there is evidence of serious misconduct or possible criminal activity, the Chancellor shall file the appropriate criminal charges with the proper courts. Where proceedings have been instituted against a user for violation of this Policy, the Chancellor may indefinitely suspend or restrict the user's access privileges for the duration of such proceedings.

  8. Cumulative Remedies. The procedures under this Policy shall not exclude any other remedy available to any injured or interested party under any relevant law, administrative rule or regulation, or other policy of the UP SYSTEM.

  9. External Legal Processes. The UP SYSTEM shall comply with any lawful order to provide electronic or other records or other information related to those records or relating to use of the IT System which may result from coercive processes in administrative investigations, or judicial actions or proceedings.


Section 7. Tolerated Use TOC Section 9. Waiver