Section 1: Policy Statement Section 5. General Responsibilities
Section 2. Basic Standards Section 6. Appropriate Use
Section 3. Definitions Section 7. Tolerated Use
Section 4. Scope And Applicability Section 8. Enforcement Procedures

Section 9. Waiver

a. Loss of Data. Users recognize that systems and networks are imperfect and waive any claim for lost work or time that may arise from the use of the IT System. The UP SYSTEM shall not be liable for degradation or loss of personal data, software, or hardware as a result of their use of the IT System.

b. Authorization. Users recognize that the UP SYSTEM provides access to the IT System only as a privilege and not a right; that they have no right to use it for any purpose other than those directly connected with the work of the UP SYSTEM; and that the UP SYSTEM may take whatever measures it deems necessary to enforce this. Users therefore waive any action they may have against the UP SYSTEM under any law or administrative rule or regulation for any act the UP SYSTEM undertakes under this Policy, specifically including, but not limited to, those acts enumerated under Section 7 hereof.


Section 8. Enforcement Procedures TOC