The Authentication and Directory Service (ADS) is the University's unified system for authenticating users accessing the campus's network services as well as for providing directory information about the University's resources.

The purpose of the ADS is three-fold:

  1. Ensure proper use of the Internet and other network services of the University, in consonance with the Acceptable Use Policy of the UP system.
  2. Simplify the process of authentication and maintaining a database of accounts, benefiting both the users and systems administrators.
  3. Speed up access to a wide array of information about the University, for example, directory of academic units and offices and official documents.


The ADS classifies the end-users into employees and students. The employees classification covers all employee types (permanent, temporary, contractual, casuals, job-orders, and  faculty members).

ADSThe ADS is using the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), which is an application protocol for accessing and maintaining distributed directory information services over an Internet Protocol network.

Each end-user must have a basic profile stored in the LDAP database. The profile includes a user ID (also known as username) and a password. The end-user needs to keep this pair of credentials to be able to access the UP Manila network services such as the intranet (information resources located within the campus), Internet, virtual private network (VPN), among others. This means that the end-user's credentials are the same for such availed services as VPN, CRS, PDTS, UVLe (online learning courses), office websites, among others.

Any stakeholder working or based in the UPM premises will be able to access the directory services which includes telephone directory, email directory and directory of official documents.

The Information Management Service Office (IMS), in close coordination with the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Administration, is the office in charge of the administering, developing, and maintaining the ADS.

The ADS provides web-based interfaces whereby end-users log in prior to web access, search for University's information resources, and update their profile, including their passwords.

Inquiries about the ADS may be emailed to ims@post.upm.edu.ph.