This list of open access sites that are related to health sciences is fully comprehensive. UP Manila did their best in order to not just collect but also select the best and reliable open access resources that will be useful to students, faculty, and researchers. It is arranged alphabetically and thru subject to fully guide users to their different types and uses.

List of Subjects

Biomedical Sciences
  1. Journal of Biomedical Science
  2. Open Access Biomedical Image Search Engine
  3. PubMed Central
  1. Journal of Cancer
  2. Journal of Carcinogenesis
  1. ABC Chemistry
  2. ChemRxiv
  3. ChemSpider
  1. Journal of Cytology
  1. National Bureau Of Economic Research Working Paper
  2. AidData
  1. ERIC (Institute of Education Science)
Health care
  1. Curationis
  2. HSRProj (Health Services Research Projects in Progress)
Health Sciences
  1. APORIA: The Nursing Journal
  2. medRxiv
Life sciences
  1. PubMed Central
  2. bioRxiv
  3. Royal Society Open Science
  1. Bentham Open
  2. BioMed Central
  3. BMC Medicine
  4. BMJ Open
  5. Clinical Access Therapy
  6. ClinicalTrials
  7. Free Books for Doctors
  8. Free Medical Journals
  9. History of Medicine
  10. Indian Journal of Community Medicine
  11. Journal of Medical Case Report
  12. Journal of Transnational Medicine
  13. MedEdPORTAL
  14. Medical Journals
  15. MEDtube
  16. Medknow
  17. MedlinePlus
  18. MedPix
  19. Open Access Elsevier
  20. Open Medicine
  21. US National Library of Medicine
  22. SpringerOpen Books
  1. Asian Development Bank’s Open Access Repository
  2. Australasian Open Access Strategy Group
  3. CERN Document Server
  4. College Open Textbooks
  5. Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB)
  6. BookDirectory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
  7. Dovepress
  8. DOST SciNET Phil
  9. Espace
  10. Many Books
  11. NBCI-Bookshelf
  12. Open Access Books and Journals (JSTOR)
  13. Philippine Journal of Science
  14. ScienceDirect Open Access
  15. Science Publishing Corporation
  16. Springer Environment
  17. Taylor and Francis Open Access Journals
  18. Wiley Open Access Journal
  19. World dataBank: World Bank’s Open Data Initiative
  20. World wide science
  21. Internet Archive
  22. Scilit
  23. Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC)
  24. Brill Open E-Book Collection
  25. Oxford University Press (OUP) Open Access titles
  1. APORIA: The Nursing Journal
  2. Clinica Nursing Studies
  3. Curationis
Occupational Therapy
  1. Occupational Therapy International
  2. Journal of Occupational Health
  3. Australian Occupational Therapy Journal
  4. Hong Kong Journal of Occupational Therapy
  1. Drug Information Portal
Physical Therapy
  1. Index to Chiropractic Literature
  2. Bulletin of Faculty of Physical Therapy
  3. Chiropractic & Manual Therapies
  4. International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy
  5. International Journal of Physiotherapy
Public Health
  1. Public Health Image Library (PHIL)
Speech Pathology
  1. Journal of Speech Pathology and Therapy
Social sciences
  1. Bentham Open
  2. Open Mind (MIT Journal)
  3. PLoS: Public Library of Science
  4. Sage Open
  5. Social Science Open Access Repository
  6. Bloomsbury Collections
  7. Humanities Open Book Collection
  8. Open Access Publishing in European Networks (OAPEN)
  9. socArXiv
  1. Bentham Open
  2. Dovepress
  3. High Wire

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